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Being bilingual is good,

But being bicultural is better.

Kukulcan is the ideal place for students who want to learn Spanish while travelling around Cuernavaca, "the City of Knowledge and Eternal Spring”, and experiencing Mexican culture.

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Flexibility is Kukulcan's Specialty.

Our Spanish program is open year round and offers classes starting any Monday throughout the year. Students also decide when and for how long to enroll.


Group Programs

Average of 5 students

Semi-Private Classes

2-3 students per class

Private Tutoring

You and the teacher

We have courses tailored for every need, including yours.

We recognize that different students have a variety of needs and expectations when it comes to learning Spanish, and have designed specialized Spanish courses for them. Some participants look for university credits or professional units/training, while others want to study Spanish for leisure and/or cultural awareness (travel study programs).

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Our recommended weekly schedule includes 25 Spanish lessons per week from Monday through Friday (9AM to 2 PM). 15 of those lessons are destined to grammar and the other 10 are for conversation and cultural activities. Upon request, we can change the amount of hours destined to any of the two, to better suit your needs.

Curriculum and Instruction

20 years of experience have allowed our faculty to develop our own series of textbooks called “Papalote”. These follow the communicative approach and immerse participants in Mexican culture and traditions. They are based on the Common European Reference Framework (CERF) and also observe the guidelines of the American Council of the Teaching of Foreing Languages (ACTFL).

Informal Conversational Practice

For extra conversational practice after school at no charge, the Kukulcan Language School has established "Enlaces Amistosos" (Friendly Gatherings), an informal exchange program. Through this program, you can meet people who live in Cuernavaca and practice your Spanish with them. In turn, they can practice your native language (English, French, German, Japanese, etc) with you.