About us

Kukulcan was founded in 2000 to provide high quality Spanish language immersion programs in a professional, friendly, and safe environment. We are an Educational Community, integrating the school, professors, staff, host families, local professionals and businesses into our academic and cultural activities.

Instructors And Professional Staff

Kukulcan’s instructors are native-speakers of Spanish with extensive experience teaching Spanish as a second language to international students. They’re trained in the latest methodology, and regularly participate in professional workshops to keep their skills up to date.  They are professional, friendly, and caring.  They make students feel comfortable in the classroom, while inspiring them to do their best work.  Classes are conducted entirely in Spanish to guarantee the best immersion experience.  Even beginners will be able to use Spanish in practical, real-life situations to communicate with native speakers within a few weeks of intensive language training.  More advanced students will see their Spanish fluency improve rapidly, thanks to our communicative approach to teaching.

Our professional support staff is available on site to help you with anything that comes up during your stay. We arrange family stays with host families, organize excursions, and make recommendations for things to see and do in the area.  We can provide transportation to/ from the airport on request, and we have a physician on call in case of medical emergencies.  Let us know how we can help you.

Mission & Goals

Our mission is to provide you with the best Spanish Language Immersion experience in Mexico by combining high quality Spanish classes with engaging cultural activities.  We want to instill in our students an appreciation for cultural diversity and global citizenship through the study of Mexican culture and language.

Kukulcan’s  goals:

1.- Provide optimal Spanish language learning experiences for our students through cultural immersion, contact with native speakers, and small personalized classes.

2.- Satisfy or exceed the expectations of our students through outstanding teaching and service.

3.- Strengthen our community through a commitment to local businesses and social organizations.

4.- Establish Kukulcan as a open and friendly work environment where everyone is treated with respect.

5.- Build a community of alumni who will be lifelong learners with a desire to return to Mexico, who will study again at Kukulcan or who will recommend us to others as a positive Spanish language immersion experience.

Kukulcan Campus

We are located in the northern part of Cuernavaca, embedded within a local elementary, middle and high school what provides first hand exposure to over 430 Mexican students Colegio Cuernavaca www.colegiocuernavaca.edu.mx   Our school has indoor and outdoor classrooms wireless internet access. Our grounds are private, safe and secure. Enjoy the tropical setting, the sun while you study Spanish in the “City of Eternal Spring.” Come and be part of our Spanish community ! “It’s good to be bilingual, but better to be bicultural.”

Spanish School’s Accreditations and Partners

Kukulcan’s Spanish School is one of Mexico´s most established and professional Spanish language schools. It is accredited by the Mexican Ministry of Education (SEP incorporation code 17PET0062X) and by UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) as an examination site for CELA exams (Certificate of Spanish as an Additional Language) with on site oral evaluators. Furthermore, Kukulcan´s Spanish school is a founding member of the Mexican Association of Spanish Language Institutes (AMIE).

Our national and international accreditation as a Spanish Language School guarantees that you will have experienced Spanish teachers and a professional staff to assist you. We also offer a friendly atmosphere and Spanish language classes at all levels, so you can learn Spanish at your own pace and proficiency level. There are no pre-requisites for the classes. Our faculty consists of credentialed native Spanish speakers who have extensive training in teaching Spanish as a second language.

Our Spanish language courses are recognized by academic institutions in the US, Canada, and Europe for undergraduate and graduate credits. For example, students receive credit for coursework completed at the Spanish school through Texas A and M University, University of Houston, Baylor University, University of Washington, Loyola College, California State University, University of San Diego, Pt. Loma Nazarene University, Butler University, Armstrong Atlantic State University, and Texas State University, among others.

Spanish School’s Accreditations and Partners
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