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Depending the program of your preference are the fees. Contact us at info@kukulcan.com.mx for a budget. Make sure you  detail in your request,  length of stay (in weeks), desired program (group, semi-private or individual) and preferred accommodations (single vs. double). On a 25 lessons / week plan, fees in groups of an average of 5 students per class are as follows:

Registration: 100US once a year.

Tuition : (1-4 week) 235 US/week  5 or more 220 /US week

Books: 50US every 2 weeks.

Accommodations w/host family double room: $175US  add 50US per week for single room occupancy. This fee includes 18 meals per week  and daily transportation back and forth to school when further away to 10 minutes walking distance.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Kukulcan has collaborative agreements with various  organizations / US universities for what financial aid and scholarships apply to your studies while in México. Please contact your home institution for further details.

Depending on the time of the year there are various organizations offering or doing research in certain studies. A typical one  is a Traveler´s Diarrhea study run by JM Research based in Texas that compensates up to $500US . Please contact us to fill you in the details of the current studies.

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