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Kukulcan is the ideal place for participants who want to experience life in Cuernavaca, “the City of Eternal Spring”, while studying Spanish, travelling, and learning about Mexican culture. At Kukulcan, we have developed a series of theme-based culture classes that take participants out of the classroom into the field, to learn about Mexican history, art, architecture, politics, economics, folklore and religion, among other topics. Kukulcan offers a low stress environment for language learning, along with a complete immersion experience in Mexican culture.

It is good to be bilingual, but better to be bicultural!

Programs are designed for two-week periods with a variety of afternoon field trips and weekend excursions. Participants can stay as long as they wish and continue to increase their expertise in Mexico and its culture, while achieving higher Spanish proficiency.  We arrange accommodations through home-stays or rental apartments, all near the school.

Programs are available year round (see below suggested calendar) and, given Cuernavaca’s wonderful climate (of  75F all year round), participants will find warm weather and sunny skies no matter when they come. Cuernavaca offers first-class shopping, many fine restaurants, affordable and easy transportation around town, and excellent medical facilities for special medical check ups, dentistry work, etc.  Many Americans and Canadians already live here, so you will find it a welcoming environment.

Our motto at Kukulcan is, “it is good to be bilingual, but better to be bicultural.” We think this expresses our belief that Spanish is best taught in the cultural and historical context in which the language is spoken. Our goal is to help students develop high levels of Spanish conversational fluency and a better understanding of Mexican culture.

Our specialized Spanish language camps for teens and children offer an opportunity to learn Spanish or improve existing Spanish language skills in a fun-filled age-appropriate environment. Here at Kukulcan, we receive children and teens from around the world and work with them to broaden their cultural horizons and language abilities.

As the world evolves into a global economy, the need for bilingual and bicultural people becomes more crucial than ever before. As good parents, we need to adequately prepare our children to better compete in an environment where learning Spanish or being bilingual and bicultural is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Our Spanish language camp operates separately from our college programs and was developed in close collaboration with Colegio Cuernavacaca (a local elementary, middle & high school)  so that non-Mexican students could interact with Mexican students of their own age and grade level. Likewise, it has allowed us to match them to Mexican families with children of similar ages. However, if group accommodations are preferred, participants canbe housed in dorms. Adult supervision is present at all times, as is 24-hour emergency support.

Our camp schedule features a great mix of Spanish language instruction and leisure activities such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, dance and music workshops, as well as arts and crafts. Our experienced staff is well trained in using materials and techniques that are age-appropriate and relate to the interests of each specific age group. Classes are fun and challenge the students to use Spanish in real-life situations. Our teachers have experience working with international students and know how to engage them in the classroom. Our affiliations with American and European universities allow us to prepare high school students for advanced Spanish placement exams.

Our student services director works with you and your students to plan activities and excursions to complement your learning objectives.

We camps that coincide with winter and spring breaks, and we also offer programs in the summer.  We can receive you at any time of year, if you are able to travel at other times. We also offer non-credit programs combining language acquisition with cultural exposure and travel. Contact us for more information and we’ll help you determine how to best meet the needs of your group.

Our program is offered year round in two or three week sessions. Please contact us for fees and schedule of our Teens & Children  Language Camps.

Kukulcan is the ideal place for life-long learners, retirees, and anyone who wants to experience life in Cuernavaca, Mexico, “The City of Eternal Spring”, while studying Spanish, traveling, and learning about Mexican culture. We have developed a series of theme-based culture classes that take participants out of the classroom and into the field to learn about Mexican history, art, architecture, politics, economics, folklore and religion, amongst other topics. Kukulcan offers life-long learners a low stress environment for language learning, along with a complete immersion experience in Mexican culture.


Programs are designed for two-week periods, but as topics rotate and change frequently you can continue to learn more about Mexico and achieve more proficiency in the Spanish language if you stay for longer periods of time. Typical topics are:


  • Mexican Cuisine:  Food and Cultural Identity
  • Mexican Cinema and Society
  • The Road to Independence in México
  • Popular Culture: Regional Cuisine, arts & crafts.
  • The Route of Conquerors and Convents in Morelos
  • Travel Writing in México –
  • Writing about Mexican Architecture
  • Mexican Art of the 20th Century

We can arrange home-stays with Mexican families, or accommodations at a nearby hotel or apartment in the city. Programs are available year round, and given Cuernavaca’s wonderful climate, you will find warm weather and sunny skies no matter when you come.
Cuernavaca offers first-class shopping, many fine restaurants, affordable and easy transportation around town, and excellent medical facilities. Many retired Americans already live here, so you will find it a welcoming environment.

We can also design an individual program for you and your family, so you can combine a vacation with a great learning and travel experience.  Grandparents, parents and children can enjoy an immersion experience in Mexico and take away memories that will last a lifetime. Please contact us about our fees and schedule of activities.

The Kukulcan Educational Community happily welcomes independent students who want to come to Mexico to learn Spanish. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, we offer a range of Spanish language classes that will help you acquire the level of conversational proficiency you desire.

You can choose to study in a group with other students at your level and follow our normal class schedule, or you can choose semi-private or private classes that can be molded to fit your needs.  Classes begin every Monday, and are available year round. You can sign up for the number of weeks you want, and the number of lessons you want per week. Typical lessons are of 50 minutes and the weekly schedule is of 30 lessons: 15 of grammar and 15 of conversation and cultural activities. Remember:  we can custom design a program for you if you want less than 30 lessons of instruction per week.

For students with special needs or interests, we can modify the grammar, conversation and culture classes to meet your needs. The online placement exam will help us determine the right level of classes for you to take.  Because we value the immersion experience of language learning in a cultural context, we encourage you to consider a homestay with a Mexican family. However, if you prefer an apartment or hotel arrangement, we can help you choose accommodations Our friendly staff and faculty will make you feel at home.

Through our enlaces amistosos program, you can get together with native speakers outside of class for informal conversation practice.   You’ll also have a chance to interact with other students at the school and become integrated into group activities, excursions, culture classes, and tours.

Kukulcan also offers volunteer opportunities for students who want to combine language learning with community outreach work.

Whether you need Spanish for college credit,  work-related purposes, or for your own personal enrichment, we work with you to create the program you want.  Contact us for more information about our Independent Spanish Student programs.

Heritage speakers are people of hispanic background and do not necessary speak Spanish as their native language. Kukulcan provides Heritage speakers with training in the language so that they can built or maintain proficiency and in some cases satisfy continuing education requirements.

Heritage speakers have different needs than traditional language students and for this reason we have developed a special program for them that targets areas of difficulty. Students who grew up speaking Spanish at home often communicate well in Spanish at an informal level but have trouble writing and understanding more complex grammar points. We help you polish your Spanish so it more closely resembles the language of educated native speakers.  At Kukulcan, we take enormous pride in our Hispanic heritage, and we love to share it with Latino students.  Culture classes help you understand the history and social issues that have influenced the development of Mexican culture, as well as the literary and artistic achievements of the people.  Please contact us for further comments on the program.

Kukulcan works with you to set up the program you want.  Whether you are a teacher bringing students, a professional organizing a trip for your company, or a club member who wants to travel with like-minded people, we can provide you with a Spanish immersion experience that meets your needs.  You can stay for any length of time, from two weeks to several months, and you can come at any time of year.  Our immersion program allows group participants to build on any existing Spanish they have, or to start learning Spanish in a warm, friendly environment.  For groups of 10 or more paying participants, Kukulcan provides free housing for the group leader.



Kukulcan can arrange for home-stays with Mexican families , at local dorms or hotels close to school and price convenient.


Fees are based on your requirements. Please contact us and let us know more about your needs, for example:

  • What is the age range of your participants?
  • How many peopple are in your group?
  • How many weeks do you want to be at Kukulcan?
  • How many lessons per week do you want?  Most people want 30, but we can vary hours from 15-42 hours per week.
  • Do you prefer to stay with host families or in hotels?
  • Do you want meals included?  (1, 2, or 3 meals per day).
  • Do you want weekend excursions? (Tell us what interests you, or we can make recommendations).

Doing volunteer work in Mexico is a wonderful way to gain practical experience and integrate yourself into the community, while practicing responsible global citizenship. Participants learn about the importance of family, tradition, and the competing pressures that Hispanics face when attempting to integrate into other societies, as in the case of Mexican-American immigrants.

Volunteer opportunities are available for participants who do not need academic credit for their work in Mexico.  If you would like to volunteer a few hours a week (or more) while you’re studying at Kukulcan, we help place you in NPO´s local institutions and services where you will have an opportunity to practice Spanish and interact with native speakers.

Requirements for Volunteer Work in Mexico:

  1. High-intermediate Spanish language proficiency (typically 300 level work at the university). If you have a lower level of Spanish language proficiency upon arrival in Mexico, you will need to do full-time intensive language training at Kukulcan to bring your Spanish up to speed before you can start work.
  2. Proof of health insurance for the length of stay in Mexico.

If you want to do an volunteer work in Mexico, you need to complete the application process at least two months prior to the date you want to start your work study program here. We are part of a global community and we value people who want to make it a better world!  Contact us if you want us to design a volunteer program for you.

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