Learning in action!

Kukulcan is the ideal place for participants who want to experience life in Cuernavaca, “the City of Knowledge and Eternal Spring”, while studying Spanish, travelling, and learning about Mexican culture. Kukulcan recognizes that different groups of students have a variety of needs and expectations when it comes to learning Spanish, and has designed specialized courses for them. Some participants look for university credits or profesional units / training , others want to study Spanish for leisure and cultural awareness (travel study programs).

Curriculum & Instruction :

The experience of the past 16 years have allowed our faculty to develop our serie of textbooks “Papalote” which follow the communicative approach and immerse participants in our Mexican culture and traditions. “Papalote” is based on the Common European Reference Framework (CERF) and also observes the guidelines of the American Council of the Teaching of Foreing Languages (ACTFL). Students get placed on their Spanish level based on a written placement exam which can be taken online and an oral interview or on the first day of classes. Our instructors have extensive experience teaching Spanish as a second language and training in foreign language methodology.


Our typical recommended weekly schedule (30 lessons per week)  Monday through Friday from 9AM to 2.30PM: 15 lessons of grammar plus 15 lessons of conversation & cultural activities. Remember:  we can custom design a program for you if you want less than 30 lessons or more of instruction per week. For students with special needs or interests, we can modify the grammar, conversation and culture classes to meet your specific needs.

Informal Conversational Practice:

For extra conversational practice after school at no charge, the Kukulcan Language School has established an informal exchange program for our students called “Enlaces Amistosos” (friendly gatherings). Through this program, you can meet people who live in Cuernavaca and practice your Spanish with them. In turn, they can practice your native language (English, French, German, Japanese, etc) with you. Generally, these meetings take place in the afternoon and last for about one and one half an hour, with 45 minutes devoted to Spanish and 45 minutes to your native language. Let us know in advance if you want to participate in the program, and we will make arrangements for you free of charge.  Contact us for more information.

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